TEST Valley councillors are meeting today to set the area’s council tax for the next year.

The are expected to confirm, alongside the county council, a freeze on their charges – though some small variations in the overall charge will result from small increases from police, fire and some parish councils.

Test Valley Borough Council’s Cabinet recommended a council tax freeze for 2014/15 at its meeting on 12 February.

If approved, the move would see the authority accept a council tax freeze grant from the Government to retain the present level of borough tax, which currently stands at £126.41 for a band D property.

Councillor Peter Giddings, economic portfolio holder, said: “I was pleased to see Cabinet approve the recommendation to freeze council tax and look forward to the matter being considered shortly.

“We have consistently strived to hold down council tax and continue to offer one of the lowest rates in the country.

“Though funding from central government continues to fall, we work hard to protect the taxpayer from the impact of this, and have identified efficiencies which have enabled us to maintain the same level of service to our communities, whilst trying to encourage the local economy to grow.

“For example, car parking charges in Test Valley have already been frozen until 2015.

“The council has also retained free parking after 4pm and all day Sunday, as well as introducing lots of other parking initiatives aimed at providing a boost to both traders and shoppers in the borough.”