RESULTS from a public opinion survey on the use of the Whitchurch Meadow have been collaborated and released.

Between March and June 2013 the trust that oversees the Whitchurch Meadow ran a public survey which aimed to get the views and opinions of people young and old.

Overall there were 79 responses, with 77 of them coming from Whitchurch residents and the other two from surrounding villages.

The age groups that took part varied from five years old to over-60s, with representation from all age brackets.

An equal preference in activities on the meadow was shown, including dog walking, family gatherings and picnics, participating in events, observing wildlife and walking and running, and most people said that they visit the meadow weekly.

A spokesman from the group who carried out the survey said: “We are very pleased that the survey achieved a balanced view with none of the groups being over-represented.”

Overall 54 per cent of people said that the meadow suits them perfectly well, with the other 46 per cent suggesting that they would use the meadow more often if it had other amenities available.

Suggestions from the survey for new amenities included more space for ball games and for children, as well as better fencing to improve safety for dogs.

The new gravel footpaths were a clear favourite for meadow users, as well as new trees planted in the woodland and picnic tables and benches.

Room for improvement from survey takers included the reduction of stinging nettles, better bins, public barbecues, better access to the stream and tree swings.