THE Environment Agency (LEA) has issued fresh advice about possible flooding in the Andover area.

Two warnings were updated – one for villages north-west of Andover and one for the Bourne Valley.

Villages at risk of groundwater flooding are said to be Appleshaw, Hatherden, Penton Mewsey, Redenham, Weyhill Bottom, Kimpton, Amport and Monxton.

The warning adds: “The groundwater levels around Andover continue to rise.

“Cellar flooding is possible in vulnerable properties in Appleshaw, Kimpton and Hatherden.

Any valuables stored in cellars should therefore be moved in advance.

“If groundwater levels continue to rise at the current rate, residents of properties that have previously flooded in Appleshaw should also prepare for the prospect of internal flooding.

‘High groundwater levels may also lead to road flooding and begin to affect sewerage systems.”

Groundwater levels are continuing to rise in the Bourne Valley, although the rate of rise has slowed.

The EA says cellar flooding is possible in Upton and it adds that groundwater levels could flood roads and affect sewerage systems.

Spells of heavy rain are forecast today and again on Sunday when the deluge will be accompanied by strong winds.

Pictured – flooding in Andover earlier this winter.