A NUMBER of ideas are being considered by Andover Town Council to commemorate the First World War later this year.

It has been proposed that banners and flags will be put up in the town and a commemorative football match and poppy planting will be staged.

Planning permission will be sought for noncommercial banners to be affixed to lampposts in the town.

Peter Phillips, landscape architect for Test Valley Borough Council, said: “We are currently seeking planning permission from Test Valley Borough Council for sev en or eight lampposts in and around the town including the High Street.

“We got a brief costing of £300-£400 per lamppost and it would be good to keep them up not just for two weeks but for the whole season.”

Councillor Phil North said: “I think it is a great idea and a good way to commemorate the First World War. We need to look at it for costs but if the town council can sponsor it we should and we need to look at it once we get the costs.”

The council has purchased poppy seeds, which will be planted in green spaces in the town by councillors, members of the public and community groups.

The football match will take place over Christmas to re-enact the famous Christmas Day truce match played during the First World War.

The venues which may host the match include Vigo recreational park, London Road playing field or Upper Clatford.