A STAGECOACH driver was injured in Andover when the door of his bus was blown in by high winds.

Kevin Cooper was driving the 6.05am bus from Andover to Basingstoke through Walworth industrial estate in Walworth Road when the glass was broken.

Mr Cooper’s face was cut in the incident but he was able to safely stop the bus before he went into shock.

Local campaigner Manuela Wahnon was a passenger on the bus, she said: “It sounded like a bomb had gone off.

“Another passenger had headphones in and even she thought it sounded like a bomb!”

“We ran down to see if the driver was OK and helped him out of his seat, there was glass everywhere.

“We got him up but he went limp with shock so we got him into the recovery position.

“He is a hero, he managed to stop the bus before going into shock and saved us all.”