HUGH and Honor Lewis have retired after dedicating over 65 combined years of service to the Scout Movement.

The couple enjoyed a fond farewell at the Andover Air Scout Jubilee Cub Pack Christmas Party which they first became involved with back in 1979 when their son joined.

After a year of volunteering Hugh became a Scout leader, a role he remained in for 14 years.

Hugh also took on the position of leader trainer co-ordinator for Andover District and acted as tutor trainer to Hampshire County Scouts for 11 years.

In 1988 Hugh became group Scout leader and remained in this role until his recent retirement.

Honor originally began volunteering at the Jubilee Cub Pack and in 1983 became an official camp helper.

In 1985 she started the Beaver Colony in the group and after a year out returned as assistant cub leader before taking over as cub leader in 1999.

Honor said: “We have both enjoyed our time with the 1st Andover Air Scout Group.

“I supported Hugh at nearly all his Scout Camps and Hugh has always supported me with my Cub camps.

“We have very fond memories of all our years scouting but look forward to taking it easy.”