WELSH signs have cropped up in the ‘Spanish town’ part of Andover.

Eagle-eyed Doug Morris spotted the signs in Corruna Main, warning motorists of a skid risk.

However, the warning was in Welsh, and underneath were the smaller words in English.

Ironically the Welsh signs are in the part of Andover known locally as ‘Spanish town’ – because the streets are named after Spanish places.

Mr Morris, who lives in nearby Colenzo Drive, said: “It’s absolutely incredible.

“You could imagine the furore if a contractor went into Wales and put up all English signs.”

After the Advertiser contacted Hampshire County Council, councillor Mel Kendal, deputy leader and executive member for environment and transport, said: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have asked the contractor to replace them.

“The contractor undertaking the works is a large organisation which works throughout the United Kingdom and, as such, in many locations dual language signing is required.

“Possibly because English language only signs were not available at the start of the works, the contractor used dual language signs instead.

“Of course, Hampshire does not require dual language signs and this would not be acceptable on a permanent sign, but the signs in question were only temporary and the important message was visible in English and could be understood.”