A GRANDMOTHER, who watched in horror as her beloved dog was ripped to shreds by tw o larger dogs in a vicious attack, has been left with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Carol Rogers was with her five-year-old grandson when the terrifying incident unfolded and two large dogs came running towards them, before attacking her 18-monthold smooth haired fox terrier called Magic, on 24 October.

Now, the 61-year-old needs counselling for PTSD which causes her to suffer terrifying flashbacks and panic attacks when she leave s the house.

To make the situation worse, police investigating the incident, which took place near Fort Hill School in Winklebury, have decided not to prosecute the owners of the dogs because they did not injure a person, and they deemed the dogs to be safe .

“They weren’t safe on 24 October when they killed my dog,” said a distraught Carol, who believes the owners should be prosecuted under section three of the Dangerous Dog Act which refers to a dog being out of control and injuring a person.

A Hampshire Police spokesman said: “An acceptable behaviour contract has been drawn up for the owner of the dogs, outlining the expectations of how the dogs responsible should be managed in the future. This was communicated to both parties and officers investigating continue to try and resolv e the incident.”

Carol’s husband, Neville, pointed out that although his wife didn’t suffer physical injuries, she has been mentally traumatised by the incident, and said: “I think it has long been accepted that injuries don’t have to be purely physical. Having been assessed as suffering from PTSD following this incident surely my wife counts as an injured person?”

Carol added: “Our dog is dead and we have gone through this trauma and we have been told to get on with it. I feel so let down by the justice system.”

The couple have lodged a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The Hampshire Police spokesman added: “We are aware of a complaint made to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

"The IPCC has referred the complaint details to Hampshire Constabulary to investigate further by our Professional Standards Department.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Carol said she hasn’t been able to lead a normal life since Magic was killed, and said the PTSD ruined a trip away to celebrate her wedding anniversary.

“It was terrible. The seagulls reminded me of Magic screaming. I wouldn’t normally be like this but it was such a trauma. I saw my dog ripped to shreds.”

She said the incident has ruined her life, adding: “Six weeks ago we were planning to go to Belgium and looking forward to Crufts and Christmas but now none of this is important anymore.”

She added: “I’m haunted by it every waking hour. My life is in tatters . We had plans to have puppies in June and now all that has been shattered and taken away from us.”

Carol said the owners of the dogs haven’ t even apologised to her, adding: “If it was my dog that had done this I would have it put down and I would have got hold of the people and said what can I do to help?”

She said the dogs weren’t microchipped, which should incur a fine of up to £500.

She had hoped the owners would be taken to court, adding: “The impact on the community has been huge and they have a right to know. It should have gone through the justice system.

“The owners need to be held accountable."