HE saved the life of one of his friends by dragging him out of freezing water.

Now Hook teenager Lee Craven needs the help of others as he attempts to win a national life-saving award.

The 17-year-old, of Painters Pightle, is one of five finalists for a St John Ambulance First Aid Award, and the winner is selected by public vote.

As reported in The Gazette, the Explorer Scout was at a house party in Woking on February 9 this year when his friend, Max Davies, of Newnham Road, Hook, fell through ice into the Basingstoke Canal and became trapped.

Wrapping his legs around a tree stump, Lee submerged the top half of his body to reach for his friend’s flailing hands. He grabbed him and dragged him out of the freezing water. He then treated his friend for hypothermia by putting him under a shower to warm him up gradually and stop him going into shock.

The emergency services were not called and thanks to Lee’s actions, Max made a full recovery that night.

Lee’s mother, Jennie Craven, nominated her son for the award and was delighted when he made it through to the final.

She said: “I am so pleased for Lee as he was exceptionally brave.

“Even though he put his own life at serious risk, his only thoughts were for rescuing his friend on one of the coldest nights of the year. I feel so grateful they are both alive and I think Lee is a true life-saving hero.”

Lee said he was “honoured” to be shortlisted for the award, adding: “I know it was really dangerous and we had so little time and we could have both died.”

The Farnborough Sixth Form College student received a Silver Cross award for his action and has since achieved a life-saving qualification after going on a course at Basingstoke Sports Centre.

Mrs Craven said: “Now that he’s got to the final he’s so excited. I think he now realises how amazing it was.”

To vote for Lee, visit sja.org.uk/firstaidawards/finalists/vote-for-your-guy-evans-award.aspx before the October 18 deadline. The winner will be announced at a ceremony in London.