HE’S been cycling 100 miles a day and has nearly been hit by lightning – and that’s just during his training regime.

Basingstoke adventurer James Ketchell is due to finish his American coast-to-coast cycle ride from San Diego to St Augustine today.

The 30-year-old, from Riverdene, flew out to the USA on August 27 for a training exercise in preparation for his biggest challenge yet – a global triathlon in 2013 which will see him row the Atlantic, climb Mount Everest and cycle around the world.

But to prepare for that, James has been cycling 100 miles a day as a warm-up for the big event.

If his attempt next year is a success, he believes he will be the first person to complete this ultimate challenge in just 12 months.

James, who climbed Everest last year and rowed across the Atlantic solo in 2010, has been updating a blog on his website during his cycle trek across America.

His last update on Sunday said: “I’m back on the road now after my two days rest in Austin and feeling much stronger. Riding over 100 miles a day is no major problem for someone who rides on a regular basis but to do it day in day out without a rest is quite a different story – well for me, it has been.”

He added: “A few days ago, I got caught in the middle of a fantastic thunderstorm although it wasn’t so much fun when a lightning bolt struck about 25 metres away from me. I then decided to take cover in a garage that I was passing.”

James decided to become a “real cyclist” during the trip and has shaved his legs in an attempt to go quicker.

He said: “Everyday dirt and dust has been sticking to the hair on my legs, making them look dirty all the time. Sadly, it hasn’t made me go any faster! I also have massive respect for anyone who does this on a regular basis. It took me over an hour to do the job properly and I only cut myself once!”

To read his blog visit jamesketchell.net/blog.