A PLASTERER from Basingstoke has a family link to the crisis in Egypt – he is related to the president.

Huw Jenkins’ mum is the cousin of President Hosni Mubarak’s wife, Suzanne, who is part Welsh. Mr Mubarak’s 30-year presidency has sparked violent riots and protests on the streets of Egypt and the 82-year-old has said he will step down.

The Mubarak clan are reputedly worth between £25billion and £45bn, according to recent estimates, and live a lavish lifestyle with residences across the globe.

By contrast, their unassuming relative lives in a three-bedroom terraced house in Harlech Close, Winklebury, with his wife Paula, 44,and supports his three children through his job as a plasterer.

Mr Jenkins, 47, who met the ruler in the 1980s, is a second cousin of Mrs Mubarak, 69.

He said: “I only met them once, in London, when I was about 16 in the early 80s when he had just become president.

“I still remember that day and it’s something I know that I’ll never forget. My parents had told me about who the couple were and I was aware that he was a very powerful man, but he wasn’t intimidating.

“He came across as friendly and was very pleasant. He was meeting with ambassadors so he spent a lot of the time in meetings but it was interesting to meet the family.

“To be honest, being related to the president is not something I think about a lot, but recent events have made me think about it a little more.

“I don’t follow the politics of it though – it’s got nothing to do with me. I just hope that it all gets resolved peacefully. Obviously, you want your family to be all right.”

Mr Jenkins has lived in Basingstoke since he was 18.

President Mubarak (below left) has ruled Egypt for 30 years. The current uprising, calling for his resignation, has sparked violence across the country.

The president announced last week that he would step down in September. But protestors have vowed to keep up their revolt until he leaves office.