BRIGHTON Hill Community Association: Saturday, August 25, was time for family fun, with balloons all around.

In the garden, children had great fun playing with toys and games, such as pedal cars and games similar to hopscotch. They climbed on the bouncy castle, slid down the slide and investigated the play house.

In the main hall, there was football for people to watch on large-screen television, plus the bar and pool table.

The hall is available for hire.

New members of the association would be welcome and could join the social club.

Call 01256 810245 after 5pm if you wish to become a member of the association or book the hall.

Alternatively, write to Lillian Easton, c/o Brighton Hill Community Association, Gershwin Court, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke.

ACTIVITY Centre, Raglan Court, Brighton Hill: Age Concern representatives were pleased to welcome more older people on August 29, for the afternoon.

They enjoyed a cup of tea, which was followed by gentle exercises and then a quiz.

I agree with Beverley, that it is good to meet friends each week at Raglan Court, so come along if interested.

AGE Concern cafe: At Church Cottage, the Age Concern cafe is open on Wednesday, from 10.30am to 1pm, for a cup of tea or coffee and useful information.

To find out more about Age Concern Hampshire, including a computer drop-in centre, call 01256 423874.

Alternatively, call at The Orchard, in White Hart Lane, from 10am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.