IT MAY sound out of this world but the Basingstoke UFO mystery deepens...

Grandmother Sue Ridgers, from Hillary Road, Oakridge, is the latest person to come forward with "evidence" of a close encounter which she captured on camera as she was watching a meteor shower in her garden on August 12.

She believes it shows an alien craft flying around the night sky. Her daughter Stacey Keep, 21, from Arlott Drive, South View, captured the same object on camcorder, the footage of which can be viewed here. Mrs Ridgers, a 43-year-old cleaner, said: "I was laying in the garden and watching the meteor show on my trampoline because I have a bad neck.

"I heard a rumbling noise and saw this bright white light moving very slowly across the sky.

"At the time, I was on the phone to my daughter and told her to look at the sky and start filming.

"It floated across the sky for about three or four minutes. I managed to take a photograph before it shot off and disappeared.

"I'm sure it was something not from this world."

Mrs Keep, also a cleaner, said: "I was so shocked that I could see the same thing from where I live. I couldn't believe it and just started filming.

"Unfortunately, I just caught the last minute but you can make out something hovering and then suddenly disappearing."

The latest claims of an extraterrestrial visitation follows a Gazette reader's story of seeing a strange light hovering in the sky on August 4.

Lorry driver Kris Reed, 29, from Richmond Road, claimed to have seen a purple-red orb accompanied by a rumbling sound that suddenly vanished.

Since his account, many of you have been phoning and e-mailing the newsdesk with similar stories, but Mrs Ridgers and her daughter are the first to provide video footage.