BUDDING photographers and space enthusiasts are being invited to scan the skies for the space station moving across the sky this December.

It will be present in the night sky from Monday 4 December through until Tuesday 19 December.

The space station looks like an airplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights or change direction.

It will also be flying at around 17,500 miles per hour – moving considerably faster than the 600 miles per hour that aeroplanes.

Advice given from NASA on how you can get the perfect viewing or shot of the space station is: All sightings will occur within a few hours before or after sunrise or sunset. This is the optimum viewing period as the sun reflects off the space station and contrasts against the darker sky.

To find when the space station will be flying over Basingstoke this December and for more advice go to: spotthestation.nasa.gov/ and search for Basingstoke.