THE HAMPSHIRE Fire and Rescue Service are using a new mammal cartoon as part of a new campaign to promote the use of smoke alarms.

The Stoat is the star of the “Don’t Get a Stoat” campaign, aimed at children, which shows the importance of getting an alarm as well as correctly positioning it along with regularly testing and maintenance.

The animation follows the hapless rodent being plucked from its natural environment by people hoping to harness its distinctive cry.

Community Safety Group Manager Glenn Bowyer said: "This animation will highlight the importance of smoke alarms in a new and innovative way.

"We are hoping to get the attention of children through the character and from there get the vital message across to parents. Smoke alarms save lives – it’s that simple.”

The Fire and Rescue Service are telling people that smoke alarms should be installed on every level in a house, they should be at 30cm away from walls and light fittings and should be tested at least once a month.

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