A SOUTH Ham couple will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary next week.

Phyllis, 85, and Sid, 91, King of St Peter’s Road, were married at St Michael’s Church on 13 September, 1952, having been together for several years after they met during the Second World War. Sid was lodging with a woman who turned out to be Phyllis’ aunt. After meeting Phyllis through a chance encounter with her mother, they stayed together since, getting married not long afterwards.

Phyllis said: “There’s no trick to making a marriage or relationship last, and I think you just have to find the right person for you and from there, it will stick. It can be a bit of a gamble, not every day is a day of roses, but it is important to remember that you are two individuals and you will disagree but it can all work out. We’re just thankful that we are still here, and that we have our health.”

Sid has a head for heights and a heart for charity as he has done five skydives, with the last taking place when he was 87 in aid of Age Concern Hampshire, raising thousands of pounds. He has raised thousands of pounds for charity over the many events that he has participated in over the years, including marathons as well as the parachute jumps.

The pair have two sons, two granddaughters, and five great-granddaughters.