AFTER getting a huge reaction at Basingstoke Live, rapper Dan Amps, better known as Signal, is showing no signs of slowing down.

Off the back of what the 25-year-old has called “the biggest gig of his career to date”, he is now set to release his new six track EP Progression, which is due out on August 11.

The aptly named EP marks a significant moment in his musical career.

Talking to The Gazette, Signal said: “The name speaks for itself and there is a clear outline in the sound and development of where I am now.

“After playing at places like Fever and Boutique and seeing how well songs like Down got across with the crowd made me realise the direction my sound was going in and what I needed to produce.”

Something else Signal has put into the new record is a personal edge, with his new single Basic, which he has recently recorded a music video for, focusing on what it was like for the rapper growing up and the video features areas of Popley and Oakridge where he used to go in his early teens.

Signal believes that putting more of his personality into his tracks gives his listeners an insight to what he is all about.

He added: “In terms of the lyrics on Progression there are a lot of references of where I have come from it comes across in the EP “I wanted to give the listeners an insight into where I came from and what I am about and I think it is important for an artist to put across their personality in their music.”

In the last year, things have really progressed for the rapper, getting more eyes on him and radio coverage as well as playing more shows.

Now, his ambition is to spread his wings further afield and get more national recognition.

“Last year was all about finding my feet and experimenting,” Signal continued.

“Now I feel like I have Basingstoke’s backing behind me and I am ready to get backing on a broader scale “I treat my music as a business now, so the more money I pump into it the more I am going to get out of it and now I am starting to see more returns from it.”

With the release of Progression, Signal is looking to climb the next step of the ladder, get more gigs further afield and is already looking ahead to releasing new material next year.

“I don’t want to rush things,” he added.

“For now I am enjoying the buzz from Progression.”