A BASINGSTOKE beauty queen is looking to use her new title to help spread a positive message.

Hannah Davis, from Hatch Warren, was recently named the new Mrs Crown and Glory World UK after competing in the Crown and Glory National finals.

This was only the secondever pageant which the 26-year-old has been involved in and she said that being crowned Mrs World UK was a great privilege.

She said: “Mrs World is about empowerment of women and supporting other women. It is about prioritising marriage, proving you can have and do it all - happy marriage, kids, social life while all still excelling in a career.

“Some of the contestants are lawyers, teachers, actresses etc, I myself lead a team of architectural advisers.

I just think it sends a really positive message to women who have a strong support system behind them.”

In the lead up to the national finals, Hannah had been taking part in a host of charity fundraising, collecting £836 for Solving Kids’ Cancer to support Dean Puplett, who has neuroblastoma – a rare type of children’s cancer.

The charity side of the pageants is something the architectural adviser enjoys and she is already looking to work with the Pink Place and has become a member of their fundraising committee, as well as raising money for the Mrs World charity Green Fingers.

She added: “Regardless of whether I win or not, I am still going to continue fundraising as it is something I really enjoy.”

Now Hannah is looking ahead to the Mrs World national finals in just three weeks’ time.

She added: “I have been running around town today trying to get donations to hold a charity raffle on the July 28, to raise money for Green Fingers charity. There is so much to do in a short space of time, but I am just enjoying the whole experience.”