AN ODIHAM man has raised thousands of pounds for charity by trekking across the Sahara Desert, with plans already in place for another marathon adventure.

Will Russell ran the Marathon Des Sables in the Sahara Desert to raise money for Leuka, a leukaemia research charity, raising more than £15,000.

The 29-year-old managed to raise £15,700 while baking in the some of the highest temperatures that can be experienced, with peaks of 55 degrees Celsius.

Mr Russell said: “My family has always supported Leuka, and my mother and sisters have also helped to raise funds. It’s almost like passing the torch from one generation to the next. My mum has previously hosted charity balls in their honour before, and it is just great to give back to a charity like Leuka.”

After braving the barren deserts of the Sahara back in May, the next charity adventure Mr Russell has his sights on is in Mongolia, where he will be out on his own for another marathon trek.

Training is being planned and on the way, with orienteering and survival skills being essential as he will not have the back up of teammates that he did in the Sahara.

Mr Russell, one of triplets, added: “It’s better to try to do something unique. That way you stand out to people and it doesn’t just look like you are just having a nice time, and people are more interested in what you are up to.

“In that regard, I am also raising the profile of Leuka at the same time through going to an unusual place and doing something out of the ordinary. You can’t always rely on raising decent money from a normal marathon, so I wanted to challenge myself and show that I am worthy of people’s donation.”

Donations can still be made to Mr Russell’s Marathon des Sables fundraising efforts. Go to