A MOTHER and daughter duo are set to show the nation what it takes to own a posh pet.

Louise and Sophie Richards breed African pygmy hedgehogs from a purpose-built shelter at Louise’s property in Lychpit.

With each hoglet fetching £150, Louise goes through a strict vetting process of potential clients, and all this will be showcased on the upcoming ITV series The Secret World of Posh Pets, which airs on June 30.

The pair have been breeding the pygmy hedgehogs for nearly two-and-a- half years and the love affair with these tiny pets all began when they rescued one.

“We have always been an animal orientated family, ” 46-year-old Louise told The Gazette.

“A friend of mine asked if we wanted to take in one of the rescued hogs, and we just fell in love.

“We wanted to get another one but couldn’t find any ethical breeders, so we just decided to do it ourselves.”

The hoglets have become a hugely popular house pets, but because of their size and how delicate they are, breeders like Louise and Sophie have to be careful who they sell them to.

Louise said that her hogs need gentle, patient handling, and you must be willing to spend the necessary amount of time taming them and getting them used to you during the initial months.

When meeting a prospective buyer Louise said: “I try and meet them in person and get a feeling of what they are like. I want to see pictures of their set up to make sure it is appropriate.

“I also urge that if anyone has any problems once they have got their new pet home to get back in contact with me, as the worst thing would be to see these wonderful creatures be mistreated or let out in the wild.”

Louise and Sophie will appear on the first episode of the ITV show on June 30 at 8pm.