A CULTURAL performance hub in Basingstoke is set to become a fringe venue to display the talents of the town.

The Market Chambers building, above the shops in Church Street has become the home of professional theatre company the Olympia Players, and as part of this agreement the group are set to host the venue’s first live performance.

From May 18 to 20 the group will present You, Me and the Worst Dinner Party, written by Arundel Thomas.

The show is based around two couples, Charlie and George and Lucy and Stephen, who all share a very odd dynamic.

What starts as a harmless dinner party soon descends into chaos as George starts talking about the apocalypse.

Company producer at the Olympia Players, Matthew Vernon said: “George is absolutely mad and is almost obsessed with being prepared for the end of the world.

“The audience will be left thinking why is Charlie still with him, and how have Lucy and Stephen put up with him for so long.”

Vernon, who is also playing George, added: “Even though there is a big element of comedy to the show, audience members will be able to relate to all the characters, as we all know someone who is a bit like George, but maybe not to that extreme scale.”

This will be the first time that, what is essentially a rehearsal space, will be transformed into a live working performance space.

It is a task that Vernon and his cast aren’t taking lightly, but one they feel could open the door to further opportunities.

“We are now in the trial and error phase of trying to transform the space, we have brought all our own lighting and props and slowly but surely things are coming along,” added the company director.

“If this proves to be a success then it could open up a great new fringe venue for Basingstoke and all the talents this town has.”

So grab your best cutlery for a dinner party with a difference. To book tickets e-mail theolympaiplayers@yahoo. co.uk.