A TEENAGER has been hailed a “hero” after a car crashed into a building in Popley last week.

Zack Mason, who attends Everest Community Academy, in Oxford Way, was walking along Charlbury Lane near his school with his girlfriend when a car smashed into a block of flats – severely damaging the property’s wall on Monday, April 3.

The 14-year-old’s girlfriend was “very close to getting hit”, so thinking on his feet Zack moved her out of the way before running straight over to the driver, and pulling her out of her car.

Zack told The Gazette: “My instincts just sort of kicked in and I knew I had to help.

“The car looked like it was trying to turn, but accelerated and wasn’t in reverse.

“My girlfriend was close and quite shaken up.

“I got to the woman in the car as quickly as I could and helped get her out of it.”

After helping the lady from her car, Zack knocked on a number of flats in the building to tell them what had happened.

Another onlooker called the emergency services. Kirsty Mason, Zack’s mum, said her son would “always go out of his way to help anyone in need”.

She added: “We’re all extremely proud of him.

“He pulled his girlfriend to safety. She was walking just in front of him. If he hadn’t done what he did, things could have been much worse.

“He then helped the lady to safety. We’re super-proud of him.”

A Facebook post from the school said: “We applaud the quick thinking and brave actions of Year 10 student, Zack Mason.

“Zack pulled another student out of the way, when a car crashed into a fence near the Academy. He helped the driver to safety and called for help. Well done Zack.”