AS The Witches of Eastwick comes flying into The Haymarket Theatre, The Gazette caught up with the musical comedy’s leading man Rob Wilson.

Following hot on the heels of the success of last year’s West Side Story, Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society will bring to life this intoxicating tale of seduction and the supernatural.

It follows the story of three friends who oppose the town's resident busy body’s plans for a regimented world.

The girls have been wishing for something to happen - and without realising it - their innocent wishes actually get conjured up. Enter Daryll van Horne - aka the Devil, aka Wilson.

“The girls are all single and looking for a bit of excitement in this fleet town in New England,” Wilson, who has been performing in shows at The Haymarket since 2002, said.

“Each of them decided they wanted their own man and over a few Martinis an unholy pact was made to find one.

“I then seduce each one of them and it’s something that gets this sleepy town talking.”

This amateur production is based on an arrangement by Josef Weinberger Ltd on behalf of Music Theatre International and Cameron Mackintosh Ltd.

It includes a plethora of enticing numbers such as Dirty Laundry and Make Him Mine.

But for Wilson, who stars in the show with his wife Katy, it could become a little awkward.

“I really don’t relate to my character [the womanising devil] that much in real life,” Rob told The Gazette.

“Ask the wife!”

“It’s strange because my wife is in the show as Brenda - one of the town’s gossips - and I have to kiss four women in it. Right in front of my wife. I mean it’s fine as you can’t do a show without the odd bit of romance but it’s just as well she’s so understanding.”

He added: “This show is starting to look really, really good. People are getting excited and when we had our promotion day, it was a great chance to clear out the lungs and sing and there was some fantastic responses.”

Basingstoke Amateur Operatic Society’s production of The Witches of Eastwick heads to The Haymarket from March 21 and runs until March 25.

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