MORE objections have been raised as plans for a new pub and restaurant in Popley head for a committee meeting.

Plans to construct an eatery and bar, a flat for the site’s manager and car park were submitted to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council last month from British brewers Marston’s, with a view to building on a patch of unused land in Carpenters Down and Shetland Road.

If successful, Marston’s hopes to create a garden dining area and children’s play area, 52 car park spaces – including three disabled bays – and cycle parking for 24 bikes.

It is anticipated that the pub would cater for around 150 covers and generate between 50 and 60 full-time jobs for locals.

But with residents still able to leave comments during the consultation period, objections have been submitted.

Jessica Allen said: “Why don’t you protect the environment instead of building more things we don’t need in a ridiculous place. Plant some flowers on it and make it look nice. Don’t ruin people’s home lives.”

Pauline Mersh said: “Proximity to dwellings is an issue, plus parking and proposed opening times are antisocial with regard to noise levels, litter etc. The area concerned is adjacent to a traffic bottleneck and to add more traffic to this area would only add to these problems.”

Mark Whittaker added: “Parking is already an issue as people park from the business park, I don’t want an increase cars parked outside my house. Air pollution will be an issue with grills burning all day and night and extra car emissions.

“Kids play sports on that green. If they have to go over the main road to the park there is no pedestrian crossing, with the speed cars travel at, this will cause accidents.”

Last month, Orkney Close locals Tony Mersh and Bob Harrison set up a petition against the plans which gathered more than 80 signatures from residents in the surrounding areas including Shetland Road and Crockford Lane.

Daphne Warrington said: “I have lived here for 38-years and it has been a really nice area to live, the only time we have had problems in the last few years was when the Barbican Public House was open which was supposed to be a family friendly pub but turned out to be a drugs outlet and had numerous managers.”

Popley East ward councillor, Cllr David Potter said: “This community has experience of having a local pub and it wasn’t good.

“There was a history of pubs with bad management, anti-social behaviour and drugs.

“But what’ s worse is the complaints of noise as this pub will only be around 50 metres away from the closest dwellings to it.”

John McElholm, acquisitions manager for Marston’s said: “We are hoping to have an update in spring this year and look forward to hearing the council’s verdict.”

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