SOCCER AM’s Franky Fryer had a “proper nutty day” when he came to the town to celebrate the Sky Sports programme’s link-up with Basingstoke Town FC.

The character, played by Adam Smith, clearly enjoyed his visit as he toured the town and visited the recently renamed Soccer AM stadium – previously known as The Camrose.

Loosely based on London actor Danny Dyer, wearing a wig, jacket and plenty of jewellery, Franky is known for his Soccer AM Away Days, where he visits football grounds, giving an overview of the towns and cities where they are based.

The segment on Basingstoke is due to be aired on Saturday on the Soccer AM show. The cheeky fast-talking Cockney character said: “Franky had a proper nutty day in Basingstoke – how many roundabouts do you need?”

Referring to the Soccer AM stadium, he quipped: “It was like coming home – Franky came home. And I had a proper encounter with the club’s chairman and a few of the players.

“Everybody at the club has been really helpful, particularly Simon Hood, who is in charge of marketing.”

Among the players Franky met were Tom Bird, Shaun McAuley and David Ray.

Shaun said: “Franky came across as a proper geezer. It was good fun meeting him. He’s got lots of energy that buzzes off him – he’s the same sort of character as I am.”

David added: “I think it’s brilliant – he’s great fun and I think his visit is good for us.”