STONE the crows: Ellisfield residents rose to the challenge as 24 scarecrows appeared outside houses through the village last weekend.

They were all amazing but as this was a contest, PC Andy Reid and Rev David Chattell had duly undertaken the task of selecting a winner. New residents April and Paul, from Widmoor Cottages, won first prize with their traditional scarecrow dozing after a hard day crow-scaring.

The runners-up were a marvellous horse and rider made by the Lunn family and Dee Haas’ artist scarecrow complete with easel. More than 50 people gathered on Lower Common at 5pm to hear the final results. All the children who had entered received a smaller ‘scarecrow’ memento. Thanks to Theresa Webb for arranging what may well become an annual event.

PARISH Council: Meets next Monday in Ellisfield Memorial Hall at 7.30pm. As always, residents are invited to attend and there will be a guest speaker to explain how progress towards bringing faster broadband to Ellisfield is going.