One Seed

Just one seed, one in millions that fell to the ground long ago

I am just one seed that will never return home

I lay here now as this is my home

With every year that passes you still see me grow.


I am one of the many that went to fight a war

So young and brave, it was our duty

So many of us joined ranks and stood strong,

The day I fell in the fields so far away is now my grave.


Now every year we return to these fields

Just seeds that grow, once again brothers in arms

Friend and foe to show we are here

We are the poppies you see, red flowers in the summer glow.


Never forget us, don’t feel sad, we are young, strong and brave

We are the soldiers that went off to the Great War

We are your family and friends, now poppies

Standing again in the summer breeze to salute those that were so brave


George Potten