A FAMILY has given their support to a pair of peacocks which were branded a nuisance.

A resident of Dellands, in Overton, wrote to the village newsletter complaining about the birds squawking loudly.

The matter was raised at Overton Parish Council meeting in July, when residents were asked to give their views on Percy and James.

One family has since written to News and Views newsletter to say: “My family and I do not consider the peacocks a nuisance in the Dellands area of Overton. We live on Dellands and the peacocks are fairly frequent visitors to our front and back gardens. We are always delighted to see ‘Mr Peacock’ and feel privileged to have them living in such close proximity.

“They can be noisy, from time to time, but not in a way we find troublesome. We have a garden full of flowers, plants and vegetables and have never experienced them damaging anything. The peacocks bring much joy to us and family and friends visiting. After more than four years of having them with us, we would be sad to see them go.”

The complaining resident claimed that the peacocks could cause damage to vegetables and plants.