RECKLESS owners of off-road motorbikes and quad bikes have been given a warning as police officers look to prevent anti-social behaviour in the Oakley area.

Earlier this year, reports were received of riders trespassing on farmland in Oakley and causing damage to fences, hedges, crops and conservation areas.

The Basingstoke Safer Neighbourhoods team is now warning potential offenders that their vehicles can cause damage and put members of the public, including walkers, cyclists and horse riders, in danger.

PC Barbara Bradley, from Basingstoke police station, said: “I have been carrying out regular checks of the area while on patrol in an effort to prevent and detect offences.

“We want to educate young people who may not realise the potential consequences of their actions.

“As well as causing damage and putting others in danger they can also face a criminal record and having their bike seized by the police.”

A Section 59 warning can be issued to deal with certain anti-social driving offences, including: 

  • driving in a careless or inconsiderate manner.
  • driving on common land, a footpath or bridle way or any land which is not part of a road.
  • driving in a manner which is causing/ has been causing or is likely to cause alarm, distress or annoyance to members of the public.

PC Bradley said: “If you are issued a warning and commit a further offence within 12 months, then your bike can be seized and stored at a cost which increases on a daily basis.

“Vehicles can only be returned with proof of valid insurance and often the owners of off road bikes are unable to produce this.”

If you are having problems with nuisance vehicles, contact your local Safer Neighbour-hoods team by calling 101.