PUPILS and staff at a Baughurst school held a day-long musical extravaganza to help those who cannot afford to continue to learn an instrument.

The event, organised by acting head of music Sarah Gamblin, at The Hurst Community College, was held over 12 hours, finishing at 10pm in the school hall.

Hundreds took part during the fundraising day, participating in a variety of musical activities. Highlights included a ‘Night at the Oscars’ event, a performance by musician Dave Reece, and Year 7 pupils showing off their skills on the ukelele. There was also a battle of the bands contest, a sponsored sing and various auditions.

Pupils were sponsored to take part in the day by family and friends. The event raised around £1,300 and the school was also given a saxophone, two trumpets, two cornets and a pocket trumpet by local music businesses. A piano at the school, in Brimpton Road, was also fixed free of charge.

The money will go towards music scholarships for pupils who wouldn’t otherwise be able to continue learning instruments.

Mrs Gamblin said: “It is absolutely a way of levelling the playing field. There are children who are really passionate about music and about learning an instrument and it is important that all the pupils here have the same opportunities.”

She added that the money would fund lessons for a year for six or seven pupils.