STRONG winds and heavy rainfall could hit Basingstoke this weekend – and people are being warned of the risk of flash flooding.

The Environment Agency and the Met Office have warned that there is a risk that the remnants of extra-tropical storm Bertha could bring thunderstorms and heavy, slow-moving showers to the area on Sunday.

The yellow warning advises people to be aware of the risk of localised flash flooding due to the intensity of the rainfall in some places.

Lightning will also be a feature of the storms, which may cause disruption to transport and planned outdoor activities.

The Environment Agency is prepared for the severe weather and will be deploying sandbags to various locations which pose the greatest risk based on last winter’s flood events.

However, this is very much a precautionary measure.

Paul Sadler, from the Environment Agency, said: “We will continually monitor the weather information received from the Met Office and the National Flood Forecasting Centre to ensure that we are fully prepared. Our staff are ready to provide warnings to communities where we understand there may be a risk of flooding."

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