A FORMER media student is heading to Bournemouth University after being offered a scholarship following the results he gained whilst at BCoT.

Just before he went, Alex Scher-Smith, below, talked about his journey from BCoT to university.

Q: What made you choose BCoT?

A: I chose BCoT after coming along to an open day. I did my research, spoke to existing students and lecturers and got a really good vibe about the place. During my time at BCoT, I’ve achieved a distinction in every unit, which I’m so proud of.

Q: What did you love most about your course?

A: All the theory you learn in the classroom is immediately transferred out ‘in the field’ in a practical way. These new skills can then be used in industry which is incredible – we are being industry trained at college.

Q: What did you think of your lecturers?

A: They’re outstanding. They are so personable and accommodating. It’s great as they use social media to communicate with us and vice versa – it feels like you have support 24/7. I guess you could call it personalised learning.

Q: Could you tell us about your university course which you are starting in September?

A: I’m going to Bournemouth University to do TV production. When I finish, I definitely want to be a teacher at an FE college as my lecturers here have inspired me so much. I am very fortunate to have been offered scholarships from two top universities – I have chosen Bournemouth as it felt right for me. It is also recognised within the industry globally. They attract students of the highest calibre.

Q: What would you say to someone thinking of studying at BCoT?

A: I think I have done so well because the teachers genuinely care about you and want you to reach your full potential. Expectations are high, but it is such a stimulating and exciting environment. I’m truly grateful to BCoT and so excited about the next stage – I may be back teaching here one day!