A BCoT music technology lecturer and one of his Level Three students have contributed to new songs written for ex-Spice Girl Melanie C’s forthcoming album.

Lecturer Paul Boddy has previously worked with Melanie, co-writing and co-producing the title track on her third solo album Beautiful Intentions, and contributing additional production and keyboards to her fifth album The Sea.

Paul enlisted the help of diploma music technology student Jake Atkins to play acoustic guitar for the demo of the new track This Kind of Love which was co-written with Melanie and established songwriter Dele Ladimeji at Peer Studios in London.

Jake’s guitar parts were recorded in the BCoT studio and then incorporated into the production of the finished demo for the song.

In total, Paul spent three days in the Peer studio with Melanie and Dele, and as a result co-wrote three new songs which will be put forward for inclusion on her new, as yet untitled, album.

“Jake is an excellent guitarist and I wanted to get him involved with the project for industry experience for him, and to assist me because I knew that the track needed guitar and it’s not an instrument that I can play myself”, said Paul.

“I am really pleased with the outcome of the demo of the song, and the feedback from Melanie has been really positive too, resulting in the booking of further sessions with her later on in the year to work on more songs.”

As a result of Paul’s industry links, Second Year music technology students get a chance to write songs each year with Melanie C’s co-writer Dele Ladimeji on their final major projects.

Intensive two-day writing and recording sessions are organised at BCoT and students submit backing tracks for selection by Dele to be worked on. The songs are then edited and mixed and submitted as part of their final grades.