A DEVELOPER behind plans for 70 new homes in Worting has submitted an appeal to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate in a bid to overturn a decision to refuse the scheme.

Wates Developments Limited has submitted the appeal after Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s 15-strong development control committee voted on April 9 to refuse the proposal for 70 homes on land at Worting Farm.

Councillors on the committee unanimously rejected the application because of concerns about overdevelopment in the village.

The developer originally submitted plans for the new homes, which included 28 affordable homes and a new access road constructed off Worting Road, in December 2013.

The site has been an area of contention between local residents and the developer since 2010, when the borough council rejected a planning application for permission to build 134 new homes because of concerns over the impact on the character of the Worting Conservation Area.

A five-day planning inquiry, which will hear the evidence surrounding the application, will now be held at Basingstoke and Deane Borough Coun-cil offices from Octo-ber 14.

A spokesman for Wates Developments said: “Having received a positive officer recommendation at the planning committee in April, we were clearly very disappointed that councillors did not support that recommendation.

“We have, therefore, passed the matter into the hands of the Planning Inspectorate and expect our appeal to be heard this autumn.”

Tracey Cole, head of residents’ services at the borough council, said: “An appeal has been received from Wates Developments Ltd following the council’s decision to refuse the planning application for 70 homes on land at Worting Farm.

“Residents, councillors and others who made comments on the original application have been notified of the appeal so that they can make further comments to the Planning Inspectorate.”