BASINGSTOKE and Deane Borough Council has pledged its commitment to green issues by signing up to a strategy that will help to guide its actions on climate change.

The borough council has signed up to the Local Government Association’s Climate Local scheme.

By supporting the initiative, the borough council pledges to act in a variety of roles including:

  • Community leader by helping residents and businesses use energy efficiently and be aware of climate change.
  • Service provider by delivering services that are resource efficient, less carbon intensive, resilient and that protect those who are most vulnerable to climate impacts.
  • Estate manager by ensuring that council-owned buildings and operation are resource efficient, use clean energy, and prepared for the impacts of a changing climate.

Councillor Hayley Eachus, borough council cabinet member for community services and the environment, said: “The council remains committed to addressing issues connected with climate change, and by signing the Climate Local pledge, we will be aiming to lead the way by supporting local residents and businesses to become more efficient and climate aware.

“The council has already pledged a series of actions in our recently adopted Climate Change Strategy which will reduce carbon emissions and manage climate impacts.

“These will be backed up by the commitment that we’re making in signing up to the Climate Local initiative, and will be shared with communities and with other councils.”