PUPILS and staff at The Hurst Community College created a huge glow-in-the-dark picture in an attempt to set a world record.

They are still waiting for the attempt to be verified by Guinness World Records but their 14.73m by 9.83m picture has a footprint of nearly 145 square metres – significantly larger than the current record for the largest glow-in-the-dark painting of 120 square metres.

The picture, made up of 48 different sections, was designed by Sian Storey, head of art at the school, in Baughurst, and it was created by 178 pupils and 16 members of staff from Victory House.

It portrays an image of a head with lots of different things in it in recognition of Mindfull which is Victory House’s charity this year. The charity helps young people with emotional difficulties and mental health issues.

Head of house Sara Conran said: “All the pupils were fantastic. They worked so well as a team, and showed that with a bit of hard work and dedication anything is possible.”

The school used specialist paint from company Kilabitzzz to create their incredible artwork.

The painting, which is too large to be displayed within the school, will now be broken up, and the hardboard will be repainted for next year’s school production.