JEANNE-Marie Hatcher travelled around a lot as a small child as her father was in the Army but in her teens her family settled in Surrey.

Although she had wanted to work with children she somehow entered into a career in sales.

She gave up her job as an account manager to have her two children, Tom and Katie.

When Katie was eight weeks old, they moved to Hook and have lived there for the past 18 years.

Jeanne-Marie became a childminder when her children were one and two, and also during her time in Hook has helped to run the local mother and toddler group, organise the Xmas Cracker, joined the PTA at Robert May’s School, and was a parish councillor for four years.

She also became a volunteer at The Base Youth Centre, and then took over the role of manager.

She loves her job and although there have been a few changes to the youth centre, all for the good, she is very excited about The Base reopening after the community centre’s refurbishment at the end of this year.

1. Who was your childhood hero and why? I liked Margaret Thatcher as she was a strong woman in a man’s world.

2. What is your most precious possession, and why is it important to you? Probably my sense of humour as it gets me through a lot.

3. What was the first record/CD you bought? Adam and the Ants – Prince Charming.

4. What is the radio/television show you hate to miss? Ashamed to say it, but I love Hollyoaks.

5. What is your favourite film? The Wizard of Oz – loved it as a child and as an adult.

6. What is your pet hate? Bad manners. Manners cost nothing but mean so much.

7. What are you reading at the moment? As I am studying, I tend to read articles that are relevant to my assignments.

8. If you were choosing a last meal, what would it be? Shepherd’s pie and apple crumble and custard.

9. If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be? Ghandi.

10. If you had a time machine where would it take you? Back to when my kids were babies so I could enjoy that time again knowing what I know now.

11. If you were stranded on a desert island, what luxury would you choose to have with you? A mobile phone so that I could still communicate with people.

12. What sports team do you support? England’s cricket team, football team and rugby team – yay, go England!

13. What was your first job? Receptionist in a small local business in Bisley.

14. If you could take over someone’s job for the day, whose job would you choose? Prime Minister, so I could put all the things right that are wrong.

15. What worries you the most? Everything – I am a born worrier.

16. What is your proudest moment? The birth of my son and then a year later, my daughter.

17. What would you like your epitaph to be? I would have to steal Spike Milligan’s ‘I told you I was ill’.

18. What’s your guilty pleasure? Watching soap operas in the evening, snuggled up with my dogs and a glass of wine.

19. What one thing could change society for the better? Tolerance – we all need to accept each other for who we are with all of our differences. It would make the world a much happier place to live in.

20. What three words best describe you? Tall, caring, fair.