I THOUGHT that this holy time of Ramadan for Muslims might be a good opportunity to share the high esteem that the Catholic Church has for other religions, such as Islam.

We, as Christians, believe that Jesus Christ is the sole redeemer of all mankind (that He alone is “the way, and the truth, and the life” (Jn 14:6).

This, though, does not prevent us from respecting everything in other religions that is good and true.

The Catholic Church respects and promotes freedom of religion as a human right. Whoever seeks God is close to us Christians.

There is a special degree of “affinity” to the Muslims. Like Judaism and Christianity, Islam is one of the monotheistic religions. The Muslims, too, revere God the Creator and Abraham as their father in faith. Jesus is considered a great prophet in the Qur’an, and Mary as the mother of a prophet.

The Catholic Church teaches that all people who by no fault of their own do not know Christ and his church, but sincerely seek God and follow the voice of their conscience, can attain eternal salvation.