PESKY peacocks are causing a stir in Overton – and moves are afoot to evict them from the village.

The issue was raised at Overton Parish Council’s latest meeting, and according to clerk Laura Harley, it has been suggested that the birds should be moved out of the village after complaints were made in the council’s newsletter about loud squawking.

She revealed there had even been an offer for one of the peacocks, but said that the two birds, Percy and James, come as a pair.

In a letter printed in the local News and Views newsletter, one resident said that they are constantly chasing one of the peacocks out of their garden because of the damage it could cause to vegetables and plants.

The writer asked if the peacocks could live in a more “secure” environment.

Speaking about the peacocks, Councillor Ian Tilbury said: “People like to see them walking about in the day. But it is the noise and mess they make in peoples gardens that upsets them.”

Cllr Adam Trickett added: “I am personally attached to them, but I think they are a potential traffic hazard because they stand in the middle on the street.”

Overton Parish Council has made tentative enquiries about possibly moving the peacocks away, and has contacted Marwell Zoo and other organisations.

They want residents to give their views on the matter by contacting council clerk Laura Harley on 01256 771919 or by emailing the parish council at