PLANS to build a solar farm in Overton have been criticised by a parish councillor.

Luminous Energy and Belectric’s plans to create a solar farm on 17 acres of land at Lordsfield Plantation were discussed by members of Overton Parish Council at its latest meeting.

Councillor Colin Fowels said: “I think that the whole thing is horrible – it is in the wrong place.”

He reminded the meeting that residents have until July 22 to comment on the plans.

The application states that the solar panels will be no more than 3.5m high and will face south. The farm could provide enough energy for 995 homes.

After the meeting, Cllr Peter Baker said he also thought that the proposed farm is in the wrong location as he believes it is too close to where two Overton residents live.

He added: “Renewable energy is absolutely vital because of environmental reasons but this application goes against the recommendations of the solar panel watchdog, which states it should not be next door to people’s houses.”