STUDENTS from BCoT’s fashion retail course held an exhibition in the town’s Festival Place shopping centre to display their final major project work.

The students, who have just completed the ABC Level 3 diploma in fashion retail, proudly displayed their work and chatted to the public throughout the day.

Holly Baker, one of the students who took part in the exhibition, explained why the day was important to her and her classmates, saying: “So much work goes into final major project that it’s great to have the opportunity to showcase it.

“Initially, we have to develop the projects from topics given to us in class.

“We then go on to incorporate some of the units we have learned, such as marketing, PR, branding, styling and the history of retailing.

“It is definitely a challenge! However, we are lucky at BCoT because we have great teachers who are industry-trained.

“Their experience has been so invaluable throughout the course, and enabled us to develop some great concepts and ideas for the final project.

“They have also been really helpful in advising on the many career paths we can follow once we finish at BCoT.”

Fashion retail lecturer Sarah Gallagher was delighted with the interest shown by visitors to the exhibition, saying: “This was a fantastic opportunity to show the people of Basingstoke and Festival Place retailers just how talented these young people really are.

“It is also a chance for students to set up a professional exhibition and learn how to sell themselves through their products.

“During the day, we were able to raise awareness of the fashion retail course in an actual retail environment, allowing potential employers to see the talents of our students first-hand.”

Sarah explained how the college is now a showcase centre for ABC Awards, the national awarding body which devises the course content and supports the portfolio development at BCoT.

She said: “We are now looking into the possibility of running a Level 4 diploma in fashion retail, supported by ABC.

“This is really exciting for us, and will open up a whole new world of options for our students – watch this space!”