A COLOURFUL procession was the climax of a school activities week themed around South America.

Samba dancing and creative costumes were on display as pupils paraded outside Everest Community Academy in the Brazilian-themed carnival.

Students were split into countries – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia – and were given a passport at the start of the week, tasked with travelling to different places in South America to complete various activities.

Teams were challenged to compete against each other in a cookery contest, in which they had to produce a dish which represented their country.

They also created their own dance using traditional music from their country and designed and made costumes for a fashion show.

Each day started with a Samba dance class, with new steps added so pupils could perform the routine in the carnival procession, following the floats which were built and decorated by the students.

The activities week at Everest, in Oxford Way, Popley, Basing-stoke, is an annual event which focuses on another country, with students learning about different cultures in a fun way.

Eve Cosgrove, business manager at Everest, who helped to organise the event with Lizzie Godfrey, head of houses, said: “It went amazingly well.

“The amount of creativity and enthusiasm shown by students and staff was amazing. Friday’s carnival was a true reflection of all the week’s hard work and had a real sense of fun and colour.”