GARY Livingstone was born in Park Royal, London, and raised in Basingstoke from six months old.

Gary is a popular multi-award-winning engineering businessman.

In January 2005, the company Gary worked for from apprentice to sales manager, Time & Precision Industries, went into administration.

After a great deal of soul-searching and fantastic support from his wife, he raised the necessary capital, remortgaging his house, to purchase the business from the administrators and has never looked back since.

LG Motion started in earnest, and as if that was not enough, Gary was also approached to set up a UK division of MiniTec.

Within two months of redundancy he had two companies, four staff, a fair bit of anxiety and masses of adrenaline!

The business, now based in Telford Road, on the Houndmills Industrial Estate, was renamed LG Motion, which Gary runs alongside his MiniTec UK operations.

The family man, who lives in Winklebury, is an enthusiastic Basingstoke Town Football Club fan, a BCoT governor, and is passionate about providing students with employability skills that will help to prepare them for the world of work.

1. Who was your childhood hero and why? Hong Kong Phooey – so many great cars and gadgets.

2. What is your most precious possession, and why is it important to you? My memory. Just to remember and reflect on the good times with friends and family, past and present.

3. What was the first record/CD you bought? Thriller, £4.99 from Our Price.

4. What is the radio/television show you hate to miss? Suits.

5. What is your favourite film? Star Wars.

6. What is your pet hate? Bad manners and lack of courtesy.

7. What are you reading at the moment? Mastering the Rockefeller Habits.

8. If you were choosing a last meal, what would it be? Roast beef with all the trimmings finished off with apple crumble and custard.

9. If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be? Barnes Wallis.

10. If you had a time machine, where would it take you? The Science Museum, 500 years into the future.

11. If you were stranded on a desert island what luxury would you choose to have with you? A Kindle, loaded with literary classics and some escapism.

12. What sports team do you support? Basingstoke Town Football Club and Chelsea.

13. What was your first job? Delivering the Basingstoke Gazette and selling flowers on the Top of The Town market.

14. If you could take over someone’s job for the day, whose job would you choose? Scuba diver in the Maldives.

15. What worries you the most? The greed and lack of direction from governments.

16. What is your proudest moment? Outside of marriage and the births of my daughters, winning the INSPIRE 2008 awards. It was unexpected and a great reflection on the incredible team around me.

17. What would you like your epitaph to be? He lived life with a smile.

18. What’s your guilty pleasure? Classic cars, in particular, Tallulah, my Triumph Vitesse convertible.

19. What one thing could change society for the better? Mutual respect. Life’s too short not to enjoy each other’s differences and strengths.

20. What three words best describe you? Amiable, judgemental, resilient.