AN ANGRY resident has set up a Facebook page to try to force a supermarket into taking action about dumped shopping trolleys in Chineham.

Mick Thompson, from Chineham, set up the “Tesco Trolleys Dumped in Chineham” Facebook page after he saw a number of trolleys while out walking with his two dogs.

The 52-year-old has now encouraged local residents to post pictures of abandoned trolleys on the social networking site and has uploaded pictures showing trolleys dumped in various locations including Simons Close, Wade Road, and Great Binfields Copse.

Mr Thompson, owner of Travel Dog PR, told The Gazette: “These trolleys are a complete blight on the environment, and my plan was to set up the Facebook page and whenever I was walking with my dogs, take a picture.

“Chineham is a brilliantly designed area with lots of copses and footpaths everywhere, but it is completely blighted by the trolleys everywhere.”

“I don’t believe that Tesco are doing anything. I have mentioned it a few times at the customer service desk and they don’t seem to be interested. They need to stop it from happening.

“My friend was told that they were going to introduce £1 deposit for trolleys but it never happened. That would make a big difference.”

Councillor Martin Biermann, Independent borough councillor for Chineham, added: “This problem has been a curse since Tesco came. They are responsible for the trolleys in the same way as chip shops are for litter scattered around the shop. They are not taking it seriously enough.”

A spokesman for Tesco said that customer feedback showed that most visitors were not in favour of the introduction of £1 deposit for trolleys.

He added: “We currently check the local area on a daily basis and have a logbook in store so that customers can report abandoned trolleys to us.

“We are keen to be able to resolve this local issue and are also working with the parish council so that we are informed of any incidents and are quickly able to remove the trolleys.”