A RECENT collaboration between Queen Mary’s College and Sony Professional Training Solutions Europe has created quite a stir among young media students.

After a meeting with Sony’s head of training, Ann-Marie Hiscox, Sony representatives visited QMC to recruit talented students from the department of media and film studies.

Following the visit, a number of BTEC and A-level students were offered the opportunity to showcase their passion and technical skill to Sony, via presentations and informal interviews.

Sony was particularly keen to find students with a real interest in their products, enthusiasm for the industry and with enough confidence to work under their own creative initiative.

Out of 18 applicants, 13 were selected for internships to work alongside Sony’s highly-skilled product specialists.

Darren Shurmer, Sony marketing specialist, is responsible for mentoring the students and getting them to react to the real-life responsibilities of a working environment.

He said: “We are looking to coach and guide young, local talent to a professional standard and develop industry-applicable skills.

“The students are working to brand guidelines and really refining their attention to detail, rather than being content with a first draft.”

From storyboarding to creation, the students are individually responsible for their own projects.

Rob Bone, an A2 media student, enthused: “We are so lucky to be at QMC, with a multi-platform conglomerate right on our doorstep. Having our work published and recognised is just the icing on the cake.”

The prestigious placements may also lead to more permanent freelance work for the students who excelled.

Not only have students gained experience, knowledge and exposure within the media industry, but the work they produce will be academically accredited by the college.

Matt Hook, head of QMC’s media department, said: “It is anticipated that this will be the start of a mutually beneficial collaboration between Sony and the QMC media and film department that will give many of our students an advantage in the local creative jobs market for years to come.”