DAREDEVIL Brownies took to the air at an event to celebrate 100 years of the movement.

The girls, from 1st Kempshott Brownies, spent an evening at Airkix – an indoor skydiving centre at Basingstoke Leisure Park, where they had an exhilarating experience in the 14ft-wide super-fast wind tunnel.

Following the skydive, the Brownies then had the chance to try out brush boarding and had a go on a climbing wall.

Jane Bicknell, who is in charge of the pack, said: “The evening was a great success and we had very good feedback from the parents who all said that the Brownies had a terrific time.

“I organised it to celebrate the Brownies’ 100th birthday, and wanted it to be something special and something we had not done before.

“The staff at Airkix were patient, friendly and put the Brownies at ease.”