A RARE leopard cub has been born at a Hampshire zoo.

The Amur leopard cub was born four weeks ago at Marwell Zoo, and is being nursed by its mother Kaia before going on public display at the end of August.

The zoo has yet to announce the sex of the cub and will do so once further health checks have been completed.

John Pullen, curator of mammals at Marwell Wildlife, said: “The birth of an Amur leopard is fantastic news and we are all very excited by this arrival.

“Marwell’s keepers and veterinary team are monitoring Kaia and her cub and both appear to be in good condition and healthy.

“We are keeping disruption to a minimum and allowing mum and cub some space to bond in the privacy of their den.”

The Amur leopard is one of the world’s most critically endangered species of big cat, and it is estimated there are as few as 30 left in the wild.

This is the first cub for mother Kaia and father Akin, who came to the zoo as part of the European Endangered species breeding Programme. The scheme includes re-introducing captive Amur leopards back into the wild.