“BE CAREFUL what you pray for – you might get it,” says the adage.

If I say the Lord's Prayer, I say “Thy will be done.” Oh, dear, what have I asked for?

What is God's will? Has he/she/it even got a will? And how do I know that doing it will benefit me, you or the planet?

Scripture gives mixed messages of cruelty and kindness.

Science says kindness is worthless if I don’t look after the planet better by not consuming so much. But the wonderful people around me are not cruel. They are kind to me when I’m too negative to be kind. They work hard, but know when to stop and be kind to themselves.

They don’t just recycle – they campaign to change laws to safeguard the Earth.

They are unafraid to speak out against people being cruel. Doing God’s will is natural to them.