“I AM lucky and grateful”.

Those are the words of 70-year-old Raymond Eves, who received the new treatment in November, nearly three years after he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The grandfather, from Worting, Basingstoke, had previously been on the ‘wait and see’ treatment option.

He said: “I was happy to just wait and see. I had been told about some of the other treatment options and I knew they weren’t something I wanted to do.

“It’s different for every patient, but I was very lucky that the cancer had not spread and was less aggressive.”

He added he had been thrilled with the treatment, saying: “I went in one morning and was out of hospital the following day. It was completely painless – I was just put to sleep and knew nothing about it.”

Mr Eves, who used to have an illustration and design studio before retiring, said: “I feel very lucky that I live in Basingstoke and had the option to have this treatment so close to home.

“I told Mr Hindley how lucky I feel and how grateful I am to him. I would sing the praises of the hospital to anyone who will listen. My treatment throughout was fantastic.”

Mr Eves is now being monitored every three months and so far the signs look very promising.

He said: “I really am one of the lucky ones.”