EMMA O’Grady suffered two miscarriages last year and was helped through some “very dark times” by Pauline Bawden, a sister on the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU).

Emma, 37, lost her unborn child at eight weeks in June last year, and was devastated when, in October, she suffered another miscarriage at 11 weeks.

The good news is Emma is now 28 weeks pregnant with a baby girl – and she gave thanks to the support she has received from Pauline at the Director of Nursing Awards, describing her as “a guiding light”.

She said: “Miscarriage is an awful experience to go through – your hopes and dreams are completely shattered – but to have someone like Pauline around to help you is the best medicine ever. Nothing can ever take that pain away, but Pauline helped me through.”

Emma said that she and her husband Steve O’Grady had decided to nominate Pauline in November last year. The couple were also helped earlier this year by Pauline when they visited EPAU after suffering a scare in Emma’s current pregnancy.

Pauline, who trained at Basingstoke hospital in 1985, said: “It can be an incredibly hard thing for women to go through. We are just doing our jobs but it is nice to know that we are making a difference.”